Our purpose

Flora Nilotica is skin care made for greater good. We are an impact business and make luxurious all-natural skin care with a sustainably and fairly sourced African ingredient. We create income opportunities, access to education and foster environmental protection in rural Uganda.

Most importantly, we avail the unique properties of Nilotica butter to people motivated by the opportunity to invest in dignified female livelihoods through their choice of skin care.


Semine Lykke Brorson
Suzanna Haarbosch

Our story

A few years ago, we met Ugandan women along murram roads at their small makeshift stands selling shea nut oil in recycled water bottles. As we explored how valuable and unknown this ingredient is in skin care, we saw an opportunity to create a sustainable, commercial approach to improving people’s livelihoods in this post-conflict setting.

We founded Flora Nilotica to solve the dilemma that women in Northern Uganda have vast access to the premium quality Nilotica nuts, but international market linkages were not established - leaving a huge untapped potential for prosperity and development.

We leaped into social entrepreneurship and established an in-house production facility of Nilotica butter living up to international food grade standards. We established a Trade HUB at the heart of the shea belt, which doubles as our nut purchasing point and a community training venue. We established partnerships to ensure that our suppliers in addition to income would also access education in life skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship amongst other skills, as well as relevant information and products and services.

As we grew, we got the courage to take the quest of the women we work with to new heights. We developed and launched our own line of 100% natural skin care mainly based on our own ingredient.

Flora Nilotica is the fruit of many people’s efforts and dreams – and an enabler for women in Uganda to achieve their dreams. We work every day to make it the best version of natural skin care, and continue to improve our model of bridging business and development. Because we care.

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