Grown by Nature

Our Flora Nilotica products are carefully crafted with hand-picked African ingredients and made to benefit consumers, women in Northern Uganda and the rich natural ecosystem where the Nilotica trees grow.

Our 100% natural formulation

Flora Nilotica is made with love for the African nature. We tap into the riches of natural ingredients found in the Ugandan ecosystem and only use nourishing, edible ingredients in our formulation.

It is made for the person seeking the finest quality of raw materials, the very best natural caring and healing properties and who is motivated by our active commitment to preserve the ecosystem it stems from.

Our products contain oils from the seeds of Nilotica trees, mango trees, avocado trees and cocoa bushes as well as kitchen-garden ingredients such as carrot seed oil and mint oil. We only use 100% natural ingredients and use few, carefully selected ingredients to give deep, nourishing care.

The rare Nilotica butter


Our primary ingredient is the rare Nilotica butter. For generations, this has been the indigenous skin care used by women in the so-called shea belt in East Africa. The special and largely unknown strand of Nilotica butter is a true skin superfood with exceptional moisturizing properties and inherent richness with Vitamin A and E.

Nilotica products are velvety soft, enriching and quickly absorb into the skin as a deep moisturizer. Our products are state-of- the-art, sustainable, natural and adhere to the highest standards.

Nilotica butter is clinically proven as a natural skin care ingredient of extraordinary quality

Nilotica tree


Science shows that Nilotica shea butter is uniquely rich in nourishing, healing and moisturising components. The list includes the following:

  • Vitamin E: A natural anti-oxidant, which nourishes the skin and gives a rst-line of defence against harmful environmental exposure.
  • Vitamin A: Boosting the skin’s healthy call production. Stimulates blood ow and broblasts; the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin rm and maintains elasticity.
  • Allantoin: Provides healing, soothing, and anti-in ammatory properties. Helps to heal wounds and skin irritations including eczema and sunburns. When used as an additive in skin protectant products, it is regulated by the as a medicinal drug.
  • Cinnamate ester: Provides inherent sun protecting properties
  • Omega 6 and 9: An essential source of nourishment and moisture for the skin. It has recovering effect on acne and work as an active, natural pro-aging component.
  • A non-saponifiable fraction of fatty acids with therapeutic, healing function for the skin cell membranes. Nilotica contains 17 times more than comparable natural oils; in a league of its own for maintaining a healthy, natural oil barrier to protect the skin.