Made by Women

Our main ingredient Nilotica butter is made by Ugandan women who draw on generations of experience in selecting, hand-harvesting and drying the nuts under the equatorial sun. Women who meet hardship with strength, hope and aspirations of better lives.

Products are made with Nilotica nuts straight from the hands of the women who pick them. This enables us to make sure that fair payment is made for this valuable ingredient directly to those who harvest it.

Meet a female supplier: Atim Jennifer

“My dream is to have a herd of cattle and goats and to construct a permanent house”.

These are the words of 25-year old Atim Jennifer as she sits in front of her grass thatched hut cracking and sorting Nilotica nuts. She is surrounded by her four children, and the youngest at 9 months is seeking her while attempting to take his first steps.

Atim lives in Ber Idwogo village in Northern Uganda. Her home is at he heart of the Nilotica belt, where century-old trees provide the rare and valuable Nilotica nuts. In 2017, she became a supplier of the hand-picked nuts that Flora Nilotica uses in our line of skin care products.

While each Nilotica nut quickly passes through her hands it is obvious that she has a lifelong experience of handling the nuts that locally are appreciated as a source of a nutritious food oil and customarily used to care for skin and hair enduring life under the equatorial sun.

Atim explains how she ensures the quality of the nuts she suppliers: “When I come home after collecting nuts, I immediately start sorting and distinguishing good ones from bad ones by feeling the nuts. Those that are very cold are not good and will not dry well, while those that are warmer have a harder surface and can dry well in the course of three days under the sun”.

Her years of experience gives her an intuitive measure of the Nilotica nut’s moisture content, which is a key quality parameter when the nuts subsequently are gently cold-pressed to make Nilotica butter. Atim, in her village in rural Uganda, is a supplier of a moisturizing skin care ingredient that is uniquely rich on minerals and vitamins. The emerging awareness outside Uganda about its existence and properties is creating an opportunity for Atim and other women in the region to convert a traditional household activity into a prosperous income opportunity.

Our traceability

Our products are part of a female value chain. It is women who collect Nilotica nuts, dry them, crack them and with great care pack them and take them to our collection point.

For each sack of nuts we buy, we record the location they have been collected at and the name of the woman who picked them. In this way, we have full traceability so that for each and every Flora Nilotica product we can tell you exactly who made it. Moreover, this enables our female collectors to identify and take pride in exactly the jars that her nuts have contributed to.

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