Our impact

Impact is at the core of why we make skin care. We make, sell and promote Nilotica butter products with the purpose of improving lives for women and families in Uganda. We work to connect African women to the world as suppliers of a valuable resource; showcasing the daily strength and perseverance of these amazing women as they continuously work to improve their lives. When we encourage you to buy skin care, we encourage you to invest in yourself and tangibly contribute to improve the life of the woman who harvested the product.

Economic empowerment

Each jar of Flora Nilotica product we make gives income to the supplier from who we buy the Nilotica nuts to make it. We work with more than 1,000 registered suppliers from whom we source our precious ingredient.

In addition, we stimulate entrepreneurship and enhance income opportunities. In partnership with our community of suppliers, we have utilized our capacity to make skin care products to develop a community product line, which our suppliers retail in the local rural Nilotica communities. In this way the women who collect Nilotica nuts are elevated from suppliers of a raw material to retail distributers selling value-added products.

In everything we do, we strive for fairness and creating opportunities for the women we work with.

Environmental conservation

We harvest our ingredient from trees that can be as much as 300 years old. Trees that have survived for centuries and continuously provide the people living around them with valuable fruits and nuts. Trees that have spiritual value and where all parts are used for medicinal and culinary purposes – in addition to being used to care for skin and hair.

We work humbly with this natural resource and have inherent commitments to preserve it. Nilotica trees are at risk of deforestation – largely as a result of being utilized for charcoal making. When a Nilotica tree is cut down it encompasses a loss for the ecosystem, the woman who builds a livelihood around it and for the subsistence farmer who benefits from their contribution to soil fertility in the areas they grow.

We protect Nilotica trees by enhancing the value of the living tree. When we create reliable and sustainable income opportunities for the Nilotica nuts, we enhance communities’ motivation to protect them. At the same time, we actively engage in community initiatives for tree protection and planting and regularly carry out advocacy campaigns for protection of trees.